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Hi, fellow property enthusiast,

Real estate has been my passion while I was still a JC teacher from a top junior college, helping my students score A in my pet subject, mathematics. Whilst I had moved on to teaching engineering mathematics at a top polytechnic, followed by faculty development at the same polytechnic and then two top Singapore universities, my passion in real estate continued, visiting show galleries in the little pockets of time over weekends, a refreshing break from my full-time commitment as a top performer at work.

Being a keen real estate investor yet not willing to part more monies into ABSD, I decided on an early retirement from my passion in education and make my other passion as a second career, to help fellow property enthusiasts make the best decision at property investment as an instrument for asset progression. In just a month into this new career, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Top Rookie award, having clinched deals in both residential and commercial/industrial sectors. 

I am also an avid investor in properties overseas, particularly London, owning two properties in London, and experiencing the growth despite Brexit and currency differences. What is encouraging is the rental yield that I get from my two properties, enough to allay worries of an investment a third of a globe away. 

Fast forward, a year now, being on the ground as a property salesperson, helping clients make a most important decision in their life, and seeing their hard-earned salary reaping rewards is my biggest reward in this second career of my life. Whilst the public see property salespersons as “agents” interested only in closing deals and making commissions, I aspire to be different, to be an “educator” in facilitating clients in making one’s decision in property investment, growing from one local property to two, three, etc., and eventually to owning properties in other countries, viz. United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand and Cambodia. 

Please do call me, Jane or Huei Wuan (慧婉) or Mrs Low or Dr Ee (as addressed by students in my various full-time positions) for a discussion in our common passion. Let’s just meet over coffee, to get to know each other’s passion, and not worry about any obligation towards an “agent”.

Jane Ee
PhD, MEd, BSc (Hons)

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